4 Dec 2011

sunday snapshot: one

08:00 - Rise and shine. Waking to the sound of birds and feeling of contentedness. 8 hours sleep works a treat.
12:00 - Train times with good friends. Catching up and hatching plans.
13:00 - TGI Fridays. Jack Daniels chicken. Rum. Lost hat. Near tears.
15:00 - Bath christmas market. Losing myself in the sights and sounds and smells. Trinkets, cider, mince pies.
16:00 - Buy replacement hat. Almost the same, but not.
19:00 - Home with the boy. Parfait.
21:00 - Bedtime, Beyonce, and Beautifying (clay masks, body butter, and manicure FYI)

Excusing the hat incident, not a bad sunday. How has your weekend been?


  1. oh dear sounds like an awesome Sunday!But getting up at 8 am on a Sunday oh boy!;) I honestly can't do it, Sundays are my day to recover all the sleepless hours of the week;p

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