2 Dec 2011

Neat things

Okay, so Im an absolute freak about arranging things; desks, drawers, cupboards. When I was at school, I would even have to have my pens and pencils arranged in neat arrangements on my school desk. So I thought I'd share with you all some of my favourite little spaces (mine and otherwise).
My wardrobe - sharing with my boy means my little wardrobe space is compact and simple.
Sectioned into garment type and style. Not my best work.

Hanging wardrobe sections make my entire life miles easier.  Tights, Belts,  Skirts, Vests.
All neatly arranged in their own lovely little square
Bountiful Books: the perfect example of organisation in small spaces.
Your past in books displayed for all to see. Beautiful.
Dressing tables of dreams = rows of rouge and layers of liner.  'mazin.

Sweetie Jar, Cookie tins and piles of antiques crockery.
The minute I move into my own place, I'm filling my kitchen with this and more.
A girls dream, organised in row upon row of colour-coordinated foot heaven.

And of course, there's this one. Nevermind the mess - this ones purely for aspirations purposes.
Thank you Miss Bradshaw.

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