10 Nov 2011

Idle hands

They say the devil makes work of idle hands. I'm currently sat on a train on my commute to work (job 1 of 2), blogging on my phone, because, after working two jobs for five weeks, and only four days off, I've no time for my faithful laptop, blogger, gym, or any of my favourite pastimes. Never before have I felt less idle.
I'd love to hear from any of you out there with similarly busy schedules, and know of any tricks or tales that might help me to make time for blogging. I know there are loads of you there who are even busier than I am, so get in touch :)
In other more positive news, while working two jobs has been a little crazy, I've had some amazing times, and had so many new ideas flung at me. From the beauty and skin care tips at one job, to the amazing range of inspirational clothes and stylings with the other. All of which I'm sure I'll be sharing with you all over the next few weeks thanks to this wonderful iPhone app.
So keep tuned in. And for the meantime, here's a few little things I've already put on my want list for payday

From top:
River Island bear mittens
Zara woollen coat with fur collar and belt detail
River Island brown leather tassel flats
Want Want Want

1 comment:

  1. Hi!!
    It's good that u're enjoying and taking advantage of both your jobs :D
    Well in my case i'm at uni, i work at a cafe/restaurant at weekends and Fridays and i still make time for tutoring and volunteer :p To me is all about balance, when i'm at uni it's all about it, when i'm "out" i try to go out a little, be with friends you know have fun, and then i try to study in quality not quantity and it's been okay so far :P
    I always say "Who runs for pleasure never gets tired!" U'll be extremely well succeeded u'll see ;)