13 Jul 2011

love love love.

So my blogger attendance has been pretty awful this month. Partly due to my malfunctioning keyboard which will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, type the letter 'i' without considerable force, thus rendering me hesitant to sit and type for any period of time. But here I am - a mean feat considering the previous statement, so please applaud appropriately ;)

Another reason I have been a rubbish blogger has been my recent trip to the city of romance - BON PARIS!

All sweet and Paris-inspired, I have decided my next blog post will take the form of a LOVE session - where I will share with you some of the things that I really truly adore. Let's go.

The classic Miss Hepburn, at her finest. Who can honestly say they
don't absolutely adore Eliza Doolittle?  Exactly.
Firstly, a true love of mine that I've had since I was small enough to try on my nan's shoes and prance around like a lady - Classic movies. My Fair Lady, Some Like It Hot, anything Carry On. 

All things Disney. Spending four days didn't only turn me into a five year-old again,
it sparked a new surge in my obsession with the mega-brand.
Disneyland. Disney films. Disney Princesses. Disney Villains. Disney icons. The Disney Castle. 
I officially have Disneymania.

I found this little gem in a little old stall outside Notre Dame 
and KNEW it belonged in my future home.
Postcards from beautiful places. There's something terribly nostalgic about postcards. One day I'm going to have books and books filled with all the wonderful places that me and my loved ones have visited. 

My spritz of the moment - Ricci Ricci, by Nina Ricci.
Feminine, Fresh and Floral. Perfect for summer nights.
Parfum - or perfume for those not paris-obsessed and spouting french at every available opportunity. The power of the stuff is, in my mind, completely underestimated. I can be in the most dire mood, and a spritz of the right perfume will lift me instantly. Anyone out there feel the same? 

Old photos like this remind me of all the amazing memories I have with my fam.
My family - like all families, there are times when we murdering eachother seems
like the only viable option. But then there are moments when we're all together, cracking jokes, reminiscing, and generally acting like absolute planks, and I realise, they're actually pretty good as far as families go.

Well that's it for now. I'll be keeping much more up-to-date from now on, so keep checking back :)
Hope you all have a fab week!

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