27 Jul 2011


Good afternoon lovelies. Hope you're all having a fab week so far. I'm never a big fan of wednesdays personally - halfway through the week, but it still feels like a lifetime til the weekend. Sigh.

So I'm gonna break up this long week with a little look into my very own beauty regime. It can take years to get your regime down to a tee, and believe me, I'm still nowhere near perfecting mine! But, complete beauty addict as I am, I feel I have learnt, over the past few years of endless reading, researching, and experimenting, a few tips and tricks of the trade. Here goes:

HAIR: I don't know about you, but I always shampoo straight away (Lather, Rinse, Repeat, of course). Getting straight into my routine, and leaving no time for faffing means I get it all done in as little time as possible. This is then immediately followed by conditioner, which I leave on for 5 minutes while I get on with the rest of my showerly duties (Scrub, Soap, Shave) before rinsing out completely
(NB. need I even mention what any left-in conditioner does to hair?)

 I'm not too strict with regards to specific shampoos/conditioners. I've used expensive ones, and I've used cheap ones, and I've not noticed much difference - but the brand I use most regularly is Tresemme. I find them really great value for money - about £5 per tub, which is the same as most high-end brands, except you get far more product with Tresemme. I'm also pretty keen on Herbal Essences, if only for the lovely smells!

Helpful Hint: Don't overload your hair with conditioner, use about the same amount as you would shampoo - a little really does go a long way!
Tresemme Healthy Volume Shampoo/Conditioner - Approx £5
Great for adding oomph to fine and limp hair - I combine with blowdrying my hair upside-down for great volume.
For my BODY, I generally use just one product for cleansing and shaving, and find simple shower gels a great alternative to shaving gels. I normally go for Vanilla, or Cocoa Butter scents, as I love the smell that stays on me for hours afterwards, and my dry skin seems to react really well to them. And anything with Almond Oil or  Shea Butter seems to do my skin wonders too. 

As for brands, The Pink Cow does some really amazing flavours that I'd defo recommend. My favourites are Vanilla Biscuit and Strawberry Sundae (see below)
The Pink Cow Shower Gels and Body Scrubs - Approx £2 each . Available at Boots.
My FACE is a part of my body I've spent years trying out different products for. With a combination of my oily T-zone, and really sensitive skin in general, products that work well and don't cause a grease build-up, and/or sore reactions are few and far between. But I'v recently started using this Olay Gentle Cleanser Duo, which was recommended by a friend. The Refreshing Face Wash is great for my skin as it takes away any grease without leaving me with sore eyes, or blotchy patches, and the Refreshing Toner takes away all remnants of makeup without causing a reaction like most toners I've used.
Olay Gentle Cleansers Refreshing Face Wash and Toner. Available at most beauty retailers.

Up til a couple of years ago, a face wash and toner was all I'd really use. But then a friends of mine with great skin spoke about the face scrub she uses once a week to keep her skin in check, and I discovered the wonders of exfoliating. By getting rid of the dead skin cells once or twice a week, your skin manages to look instantly more refreshed, as well as keeping blemishes at bay and preventing pores to get built up with product. My favourite, after getting it as a present for Christmas is Soap and Glory's Scrub Your Nose In It.  Not only is it a great scrub, it can also be used as a mud mask if left on for around 5minutes.
Helpful Hint: Scrub into your T-zone areas in a circular motion to alleviate any pore build-up, and promote a healthy circulation.
Soap and Glory, Scrub Your Nose In It, Approx. £5.
I keep the rest of my skin buffed and smooth by exfoliating my whole body once a week. Soap and Glory's Flake Away is a great exfoliant that I use regularly, but I'd highly recommend making your own if you haven't already got one. Mixing up sugar and honey is great way to scrub your skin, and a fair amount cheaper and easier than buying any :)
Helpful Hint: Scrub in circular motions around your thighs to help get rid of cellulite.
Soap and Glory Flake Away, Approx £8 for a large tub.
Leaves a really sweet scent on your skin.

For Exfoliating, use a buffer like this M&S one. £5
Work in circular motions to improve circulation and stop any cellulite build-up
If you work in the creative industries like I do, your HANDS are vital. And even if you don't, think about what your hands go through every day - washing, cooking, pulling, typing, texting - the list goes on! This is why I like to take as much care in mine as possible. A decent moisturiser can work wonders in keeping your skin soft and smooth.
Helpful Hint: Moisturising your hands at the same time you retouch your makeup on a date means your hands will extra-soft when he holds them.
Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail cream is great value and smells amazing!
If, like me, you have greasy skin, a good moisturiser can be hard to find. This Simple one is great though. Leaves my skin clear, and soft, without promoting any skin breakouts. And at just under £4, it's a bargain!
Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser, Approx. £3.80. Available at most beauty retailers.
Finally, a good body butter is a crucial part of my everyday routine. I think moisturising every day is a good idea for everyone, regardless of skin type. It leaves your skin hydrated, and means you're less likely to get patchy if you use fake tan, or even have a real one. Keeping your skin happy is one of the best things you can do to keep you ageing gracefully too. Try this Soap and Glory one for a really hydrated and soft feeling all day.
Helpful Hint: Apply tons of moisturiser right before you get into your jammies at night, and you'll wake up feeling as smooth as a baby's bottom, literally.
Soap and Glory's The Righteous Butter, Approx £12 for a large tub.
As you can tell I'm a big fan of Soap and Glory. What are your favourite brands?
That's it for now anyways. Keep me posted on what you think, I always welcome comments :)

Muchos love xoxo

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