13 Sep 2011

WIW: Fashion Child

Career. Six letters, two syllables, one little word. And yet it holds such huge importance to so many of us. And as you may know, I recently graduated from university, and the culmination of three years of solid work (well... equal parts work and play I should probably say) has come down to a series of job application upon job application, in the hopes of starting my very own C word. 
Well, anyways... I managed to - after many an unrequited application, and unsuccessful interview - bag myself the chance to interview at one of the top fashion establishments in the UK for a Junior Writer position. While I should have been all bundles of glee, the three build-up to the interview turned me into a bag of nerves as I attempted to deliberate upon an aspect of the interview that I knew, given the company's prestige, I would be immediately judged on - the outfit. What the hell do you wear to a fashion interview?! The choices seemed both bountiful and bewildering, and turned my usually usual happy-go-fashion mind to mush. But after a couple of near nervous-breakdowns, I got my act together, and settled on this little ensemble:
I combined my statement schoolgirl chic with grownup tailoring and sheer fabrics.
This gave my personal sense a style a chance to shine through whilst still looking smart and keeping on trend with the new season pleats.
Blue/Gold Watch Pendant, Accessorize £3
A favourite piece of mine, I bagged this little beauty on sale recently and have been wearing obsessively ever since!

Navy Pleated Skirt, Motel £10
Another sale bargain. After a little bit of customisation, it's my new FW11 staple!
Nude Chiffon Draped Cardigan, Miss Selfridge £35
I finished my outfit off with this cute nude cardi, to add a touch of luxe to my simple items.

I didn't get the job due to the sheer amount of applicants, but I would advise anybody to try your hardest for any interview you get. If they're like this one, the company's magnitude and prowess mean that just being interviewed for a position is a worthwhile experience in itself. Take it as an opportunity to learn.
Here's a couple of the things I've learnt so far about interviewing:

  • Dress smartly. Yes it may be a fashion establishment, but they still want you to look interview-appropriate. Think interview attire with an edge, or top trends teamed with smart shoes/jacket/skirt.
  • Research research research. Always make sure you can come up with at least three great facts about the company. And I don't mean '___ sells clothes' - think more '___ won this award'.
  • Don't let a harsh interviewer belittle you. They're probably just trying to wear you down to see how passionate you really are, and judge your reactions to criticism. Be strong. Answer firmly, and be careful to keep your defences up without seeming argumentative. This will ensure they see you as a strong and capable, but respectful candidate.
  • Ask questions. Remember, this is a chance to see if they're right for you too. Don't be afraid to ask what they can give to you. Job prospects are vital if you want to climb the career ladder.

Have any of you got any interviews coming up, and scared to death? Is there anything substantial you've learnt from an interview? Keep me posted!

Hope you're all having a good week so far! :)
Ciao for now


  1. The outfit looks fab, especially the sheer caridgan/shawl!
    Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting :)
    Faye xo

  2. Gorgeous outfit, darling! I simply adore you necklace ans skirt!!!! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)