5 Aug 2011

WIW: Degrees of style

Sooooooo.... a couple of weeks ago I had my University Graduation. Three years of equal parts work/play culminated into one nerve-wracking - and might I mention, really very boring - ceremony designed to inspire, and congratulate all 1000 (yes, one-thousand!) clever little bunnies sat in the room. Photographs were taken, speeches were spoken, friends were reunited, more photos were taken, hands were shaken and then some more photographs were taken.

It was with this in mind that I began planning the outfit I would wear - one that would sit, taking pride of place on my mother's mantle-piece for years to come. An outfit that would, ultimately represent me, and my coming of age, for the remainder of my life. Dramatic? Yes, possibly. 
And so, after months of consideration, I decided on this little beauty:
Red Wraparound Dress, Topshop, £32
Nude Waist Belt, Dorothy Perkins, £5

I found this dress in the 'Buy It Now' section of Topshop's flagship recently whilst in London for a job interview, and while it wasn't my usual style/colour/fit, I instantly knew it would be the right one. Classic? Check. Fitted? Check. Stand out? Check. Grown up? Double check.

An extra benefit came on the day, when it also managed to look effortlessly perfecto avec my Red/Black University Graduation gown - an element I (along with many others- some who had completely mismatched outfit/gown) hadn't even thought of.
I teamed my dress with a nude belt and a pair of nude chunky-heeled mary-janes that I managed to bag in the New Look sale for a bargain £9!
What do you think? Any of you have similar stresses about what to wear to your graduation?

Hope you're all looking forward to this (hopefully) bright, sunny weekend!


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