17 May 2011


So I've been pretty manically revising over the past few days, as well as panicking about my upcoming graduation - and subsequently being sent out into the big wide world. 
With my mind doing some dizzying things, I felt I needed to breathe, and think a little more clearly about the wider context of all these stresses - the bright future that lays ahead of me. And nothing inspires my ambition more than thinking about decorating my first big-city apartment.

One day I'm going to live somewhere just as fabulous as all these beauties. ENJOY!

French-inspired Queen-size bed, Fresh roses, White linen

All of my Jewellery displayed for the world to see. I love the idea of this frame - turns your jewellery into art.
(NB Jewellery - expensive or not - should never be hidden in boxes or drawers)

The piles and piles of cushions on this chaise longue make you want to sink right into it.

Perfect rustic-effect dining table, complete with fresh flowers and cute crockery

I love the mix of traditional country style cabinets, with bright and clean appliances
I'd probably add a couple of flashes of colour personally, but I love the feel of this.

Fairy lights, and an eclectic mix of fabrics and textures

Every home should reflect the people living in it, and nothing describes your personality like a scattering of photoframes, prints and pictures.

I cannot wait to mix all these ideas together one day and create my own beautiful home.
But until then, I have mountains of revision to do, and a career to get started.


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